Model Railroading “Quick Start” Guide

The videos which have been made available in this section were provided by Model Railroader Magazine who we owe many thanks too for this valuable contribution.  If you’re new to the hobby, or have been active with this rewarding pastime for awhile, this is one of the more informative magazines which is available and definitely worth….Read More

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Note:  Where there are multiple ways in which a bench work can be constructed, these methods are by no means infinite.  However, with that said, as with all other topics which are presented here at the Model Railroaders Club, each of these methods will be presented, and as new projects and as they are posted you’ll be notified via private email when they are posted….Read More


In this section you’ll find videos which will guide you in the construction of a backdrop, and also “how to” instructional articles which are meant to compliment the videos….Read More


Each facet of building a model railroad involves a great deal of instructive information and none more so than the topic of scenery.  We’ll first begin with a series of videos which covers the use of extruded polystyrene insulation….Read More

Trackwork And Wiring

As with the previous topics which are covered here at the Model Railroaders Club there are a number of videos which are being made available as well as “How To” articles which provide in-depth….Read More

Building Structures

As with all the topics which are presented here at the Model Railroaders club, new “How To” content will be added on a regular basis and when it is you’ll be notified through private email….Read More



Did you know that when you choose the right locomotive this decision plays a major role in having a well running and fantastic model train layout….Read More


Model Train Rolling Stock

Although rolling stock maintenance and repair is not quite as complex as what is required for powered locomotives, insuring trouble free operation is just as important.  When you decide to add rolling stock to your layout….Read More

Detailing Your Model Railroad

If you look at some photos, or glance around a stretch of your favorite main line, you’ll see that real railroads have a lot more to them than just track and trains.  In fact, you’ll soon discover that there is a host of details to make it more prototypical….Read More

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